About TEMS

The Trenton Emergency Medical Service is a dedicated organization comprised of professionals with the highest standards for quality and excellence. We are committed to providing dependable, professional emergency medical service to all residents and visitors of the City of Trenton and surrounding communities, while exhibiting compassion and respect for human dignity. TEMS has a long standing history as a visible member in the community, we are proud to involve ourselves in all aspects of health and safety prevention.

Our History

During the late seventies, emergency medical service was provided for the City of Trenton by three volunteer ambulance squads, supplemented by police vehicles. Declining volunteer roles and an increase in the Trenton Police answering calls for EMS assistance, as well as new and more intensive personnel training requirements, the chief of police called upon the public safety director for guidance.

At a meeting of the City Council on June 19, 1980, resolution #80-489 was adopted, paving the way for the City and the three city hospitals, (St. Francis Medical Center, Mercer Medical Center, and Helene Fuld Medical Center) to explore alternatives and develop a solution to this growing problem.

On January 1, 1981, the Trenton Emergency Medical Service (TEMS) was created. Responsible for reponding to 9-1-1 EMS calls in the City of Trenton, this new service would be the primary agency to provide medical care on behalf of the City of Trenton. Existing volunteer squads would be remain and would supplement the newly formed TEMS.

TEMS evolved using only two ambulances, one crew was in service for twenty-four hours a day and the second for twenty hours per day. In August of 1984, the city's council took the second TEMS ambulance out of service due to budget reasons. This left the city with only one full-time ambulance and the need to rely on the volunteer squads for assistance. Little help was available from the volunteer squads due to the decline in volunteers. Therefore, police units once again were forced to answer medical calls and transport the sick and injured.

This proved to be a temporary assignment for the police as the second TEMS unit was returned to service in February of 1985. In September of 1981, Trenton Emergency Rescue Squad closed and in October of 1996 Liberty Rescue Squad also closed. The Eleventh Zone Emergency Unit stopped providing service in 1998.

TEMS is currently the sole provider of basic life support services in the city of Trenton, responding to nearly 21,000 calls annually. We have grown to a company of nearly 50 EMTs and Paramedics with a fleet of 6 ambulances and multiple support vehicles, including a mass-casualty response vehicle.

Throughout our history, TEMS has occupied many buildings ranging from abandoned volunteer squads to hospital storage rooms, fire stations or abandoned city-owned buildings. For the first time in TEMS 25 year history, TEMS purchased its own building, located at 578 Perry Street, strategically located in the center of the City.

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